Senior Backend Engineer


Mosaic Wellness is a platform of digital first health clinics owned and operated under one house,with each of them working together toward one mission: To help Indians lead a more fulfilling lifesurrounded by wellness and grace.The business is creating a family of purposeful health platforms with personalized solutions for aparticular problem in a niche segment. Each platform provides the essentials to enable an individualsegment of people to lead a graceful life full of purpose and well being. You can check out the digitalhealth clinic for men at and the digital health clinic for women at


As one of the senior members of the backend development team at Mosaic, you will beresponsible for architecting and setting the standards for building our core backend/microservices.Also, you will be responsible for shaping up the entire system for scale and collaboratingextensively with the frontend and design teams to create the best consumer experiences.


● Develop microservices that will be used by the frontend through API endpoints.

● Translate business requirements into high quality code.

● Ensure that the code is deployed in a secure and scalable fashion.

● Focus on code maintainability and performance of application.

● Provide technical advice and assists in solving programming problems.

● Enhance Analytics and overall backend architecture for better performance.Requirements

● 3+ years of backend/full-stack development experience

● 1+ years of experience on NodeJS

● 1+ years experience in building APIs in a microservice architecture

● Has experience managing other developers, recruiting and training.

● Experience in PHP is a plus

● Experience with AWS services such as Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudFront

● Has experience in code reviewing/being the gatekeeper for an entire project

● Experience with RabbitMQ or similar queuing system

● Experience with Redis/ElasticSearch is a plus

● Familiarity with CI/CD pipeline tools like Jenkins

● Good knowledge of working with Git

● A knack for benchmarking and optimization